Trailer - The Forgotten Patriots of Tobruk

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This Czech documentary combines unique archival footage of a little known WWII episode -- the fate of Czechoslovak troops in the Middle East under leadership of the legendary General Karel Klapálek -- with unit survivors interviews.

They are passing away one after another, and before long they will all be gone - we are speaking about the heroes who were fighting for the freedom of Czechoslovakia in World War II. They did not serve in the RAF, and that is why people rarely know them. The old men talk about the history of their military troop defending Tobruk in the Middle East, recall the commander, General Karel Klapálek, or Masaryk's thoughts, but they also talk about Gottwald's prisons and oblivion. Unique archive footage takes us thousands of kilometres away, into the
North African deserts. The men of the troop were the first Czechoslovak soldiers fighting against Hitler. They belong among the last witnesses of the 20th century who can give evidence of its turmoils. (

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