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    Trailer - Warology. Operations Other Than War

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    Watch the whole film here:

    An Italian documentary about methods of modern warfare that also looks at controversial topics widely discussed in conspiracy theory circles, such as HAARP and chemical trails. Watch it and form your own opinion.

    Notable army officers, key members of military intelligence, politicians, experts in the field of strategy of communication and researchers of new post-war illnesses poignantly exchange their views about thorny issues related to modern warfare. This documentary by Morgan Menegazzo outlines the various angles of a new culture of modern conflict. A culture which relies on tactics that are progressively more invisible and enslaved to the infinite capacities of science. A culture that is based on a unique belief: imagining the unthinkable.
    "...a piece of great cinema with a knockout visual impact that will match the expectations of the most demanding film goers." Pedro Comencini for IMDB