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    Los Angeles Billboard May Have Bamboo Gardens

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A new billboard project will have you looking at green bamboo trees instead of ads

    Can roadside billboards serve a purpose other than pure advertising?

    A creative project, dubbed Urban Air transforms billboards into suspended, living bamboo gardens, which are intended to serve as artwork and a symbol for a greener future.

    With the help of pledges, the lead artist, Stephen Glassman hopes to have the billboard forests standing above freeways in Los Angeles sometime next year. Glassman and his team landed the 2011 London International Creativity Award with their Urban Air projection.

    Then the Los Angeles based billboard company, Summit Media donated several billboards to serve as a helpful starting point for the project. The artist is continually working with fabricators, engineers and bamboo growers to establish a “kit” which will allow any billboard to be simply switched to a green forest.

    Glassman says “Upon a successful launch, it’s our plan and intention to transform the steel and wood of outdoor advertising into the infrastructure of urban sustainability in cities around the globe – actively, publicly, and collectively generating a green global future.”

    How do you like the concept?