[Eng] I.C.E300 [121020] 2/2

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English subbed video of Korean variety show, Infinite Challenge (무한도전). This particular episode marks their 300th episode, so they were given time to reflect on past episodes, show their love for each other, and have serious discussions with each other.


what a great ep. thank u so much for the subs. :) I cried here..hehe im so happy that they were able to have a deep conversation with everyone...they're humans..they have their worries and whatnot...i learned more about them in this ep. I love that they're funny guys...but i love to see their sentimental side :) thanks.
By ShyKnee last year
yes ppl can still watch them, but u need to provide the private links. if u want to see more u can go to my page listed below, and i'd love it if u have the softsubs of them, maybe then i can make the videos and upload (been doing it for quite some time) of cors all credits will go back to u and ur page. and i posted comment in ur page as well
By MUHAN DOUJEON 2 years ago
Can people still watch when it's in private mode? Yeah, I didn't upload all of the videos here cuz another user has them uploaded (ithetimes.wordpress.com). And yeah, I don't have that many videos subbed. No time...!! XD But yeah, you can post the videos. ^^
By yonniesubs 2 years ago
nvm... u only have one complete episode lols
By MUHAN DOUJEON 2 years ago
hey yonniesubs, im the admin from https://www.facebook.com/KoreanChallenge, i've been doing a lotta uploadings and post to this page. im just trying to get ur permission to post the vid to it (those that i din have). btw u din hide ur vids in private mode? copyright problems might get to u, cuz i've been hiding them
By MUHAN DOUJEON 2 years ago
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