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    USC Trojans football: Lane Kiffin needs to grow up

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    USC Trojans football: controversy continues to dog coach Lane Kiffin! On Thursday, the Pac-12 fined USC $25,000 because a student manager had deflated footballs used in a game against the Oregon Ducks. Deflated footballs are easier to throw and catch, but it didn't matter. The Trojans fell to the Ducks, 62-51.

    The USC Trojans claim the student manager acted on his own and under orders from no one on the coaching staff. That student manager has been fired.

    But it's not the type of controversy the Trojans under Lane Kiffin can afford. The Trojans have been banned for postseason play for two years due to NCAA violations. This year is Kiffin's first crack at a bowl game.

    In a game against the Colorado Buffaloes, the Trojans swapped jersey numbers between a kicker and quarterback as they attempted a two-point conversion. These are the type of shenanigans and immature football normally seen in high school games.

    The Trojans are now 6-3 for the season and have yet to face No. 4 Notre Dame. Is it too late for Kiffin to find some class and make it to the postseason?

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