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    time space compression

    avi rosen

    by avi rosen

    "After three thousand years of explosion, by means of fragmentary and mechanical technologies, the Western world is imploding. During the mechanical ages we had extended our bodies in space. Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned. Rapidly, we approach the final phase of the extensions of man-the technological simulation of consciousness, when the creative process of knowing will be collectively and corporately extended to the whole of human society, much as we have already extended our senses and our nerves by the various media. "
    Marshall McLuhan, in "Understanding Media", 1964.

    The mass and energy of cyberspace compressed the Earth to a "black hole" having an event horizon of approximately 2 cm, located at a near-zero distance of 0.1 seconds from us the users connected to it.