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    St.Martin day celebration November 11, 2012 (Grassroots Movement)

    Miguel Arrindell

    by Miguel Arrindell


    Dear fellow St.Martiners I hope you had the most joyous St. Martin’s day ever. Let me draw to your attention that the Patriot and the St. Martin grassroots movement celebrate the real and official St. Martin’s day. The government from the Dutch side and government from the French side celebrate France and Holland living together and sharing St. Martin Island peacefully for over 300 years. We distance ourselves from that. What we celebrate is the native people of St. Martin heritage which is the real and only St. Martin people from both the Northern side (French) and the Southern side (Dutch) living with our family, cousins, brothers and sisters peacefully together for over 300 years. We as native St. Martin people have done that for the past 300 years. We welcome any person from any nationality or race with added value once they understand that we are the host and they are the guest. The European Dutch and French has never live in St. Martin consistently for all these years but our ancestors the people of St. Martin heritage has live that Concordia treaty. We celebrate our heritage and we are proud of it. I just want every Patriot that love people of St. Martin heritage to know we have nothing to do with the colonial masters when it comes to celebrating our cultural heritage. St. Martin North and South were and will be always one people. We have never let the Colonial Master of Dutch and French determine our heritage so on St. Martin’s day we celebrate the real St. Martin day with our unity flag. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Yes we love all people be it white or black Asian or Hispanic, but we cannot let outsiders dictate or define or determine what our heritage is. Only we will and can only do that. God bless you.

    The Patriot Miguel Arrindell