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    Ten Freshmen-(You Can't Take Away) The Things That Were Made For Love


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    This appears to be an alias for Sam Lanin, who In 1912, played in Victor Herbert's orchestra. He joined the Roseland Ballroom in late 1918. From then on, he recorded with many bands. He had a rotating cast of noted musicians playing with him, including regular appearances from Phil Napoleon, Miff Mole, Red Nichols and many others. He entered into a sponsorship with Bristol-Myers for their toothpaste, Ipana; as a result, his ensemble was renamed The Ipana Troubadors. In 1928 and 1929 Lanin recorded with Bing Crosby. The 1929 stock market crash hit Sam Lanin hard; in 1931 he lost his contract with Bristol-Meyers, his radio show and the name Ipana Troubadors. By the middle of the 30s, Sam was spending much of his time cutting transcription discs. He was essentially forgotten at the same time his brother Lester went on to stardom. He died in 1977, having never returned to music. This great record was made in 1929, with a vocal by James Denton, actually a pseudonym for Scrappy Lambert.