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    Boots & His Buddies - Wild Cherry


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    Relatively little is known about this orchestra. It was an American territory band led by drummer Clifford "Boots' Douglas (born in 1908 in Temple, Texas). He started playing on drums at 15, formed his own 13-piece band, popular in Texas and recorded about 40 sides for Bluebird in San Antonio. His regular vocalists were Celeste Allen, Israel Wicks, Cora Woods and Henderson Glass. He moved to Los Angeles in 1950 and left full-time music. This exquisite performance was recorded in 1935. I have a hard time identifying this tune; indeed the label states this is the composition "Wild Cherries" by Joe Harris. However, its melody sounds so similar to another song - intertwined with a tiny snippet of 'Stardust' - it looks as if Harris would have been plagiarizing so extensively it rather seems an arrangement. I believe this is rather unlikely. The song this tune is obviously drawn from is 'Cherry' by Don Redman. Check out my previous uploads ( and ( Some strange twist to the title can be noticed as well: the original song is about a person named Cherry, whereas in this title "Wild Cherry" it got a twist and suddenly it might refer to a wild cherry tree. Hence, this song is a bit of a mystery to me, still to be cleared out. Any feedback is warmly welcomed.