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    Arca lui Noe - Adevar sau Legenda

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    by East Media

    The Bible says that Noah's Ark was a big boat that Noah built at God's prompting to save his family and animals during the great flood. About înâmplarea Noah we read in the Bible, in the book of Moses I. (Genesis) 6-9 parts.
    Bible commentators say that the flood occurred around 3300 BC
    Bible commentators say that the current postmodern known version appeared in the fifth century BC Hebrew Orthodox Christians and Muslims reject the postmodern version, saying that Noah and the great flood really happened.
    A story in the Bible asemenănătoare as flood mythology and find other people, for example in Sumer, the Egyptians, almost everywhere in the world.
    Ark story is common in religious scriptures. Since the eighteenth century there have been studies of geology and biogeography in connection with the ark and the flood. There have been numerous excavations in Turkey on Mount Ararat, where the Bible says the ark came to rest.