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    Shoretel Voice over IP Business Telephone System - Save Administration Costs with ShoreTel

    74 views - (314) 961-0557 - Shoretel Voice over IP Business Telephone System - Save Administration Costs with ShoreTel

    The ShoreTel Business Telephone System is easy to administer. Here's how you can save administration costs on ShoreTel VOIP Telephone Systems

    Hi, my name is Bill McCormick, III. I work with Ideacom Midwest, a ShoreTel dealer in St. Louis Missouri. Many believe that low product cost is the #1 factor in choosing the right product. More savvy companies know that finding a solution that is easy to administer is just as important as the initial hardware cost.

    A common task such as adding a new user typically takes 15-45 minutes on most systems. A new user can be added in seconds by a non-technical person on a ShoreTel business telephone system. You save administration costs on ShoreTel Voice over IP Telephone Systems. The IT staff can focus on more mission critical items.

    The ShoreTel user interface is so easy to use that non-technical administrators can be trained in a 4 hour training class.

    In comparison, many other solutions available today are a mixed collection of products requiring multiple user interfaces. Administration is so complex that certified systems engineers are required to administer and maintain them.

    The ShoreTel Communications, Voice over IP solution combines voice, Instant Messaging and Presence management. ShoreTel is the brilliantly simple solution.

    If you or someone you know would like to learn more about SIP, VOIP, Business Telephone Systems and ShoreTel, check out our additional videos on our YouTube channel at
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