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    BROKEN PLATE PART 2-Kanayo O. Kanayo's Nollywood Movie


    by nollywoodbest

    This movie is a story about a wicked woman that was married into an african family killed all the children of her brother in law because of what? This wicked act continued,This woman went to the extent of killing Kanayo. O. Kanayo 's wife,She even made him (Kanayo) mad,Evil was deeply rooted in the family and the woman was carrying out these evils...
    But during the burial of Kanayo.O.kanayo's wife,kanayo .O Kanayo's sister seeing his brother mad and his brothers wife dead was looking for solution to the problems in their family decided to invite a powerful man of God to pray in the family and rinse the family of the evil that have befalling them,watch now and see how the power of good battles with the power of wickedness...

    Starring- Kanayo. O. Kanayo, Susan Patrick, Febian Adibe

    Nollywood Movie

    African Movie