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    Prevue Guide August 1st 1990

    Mr. MSTV Guide Channel

    by Mr. MSTV Guide Channel

    Here's a nice minute of the Prevue Channel, scrolling along on August 1st, 1990. Really highlights the 40+ channels available through PRIME Cable here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    I will never forget how the Disney Channel was one number removed from the Playboy channel. I apologize for the channel flip at the end of the clip, but I was a rather impatient 9-year old on Summer Vacation. The above-the-guide promos include the Time-Life "Home Improvement" series by Bob Vila and ESPN's "Sportscenter." I must have been incredibly "wired" this day because I taped footage of the PREVUE channel until 11:00 PM, way passed my bedtime.