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    Exiled Tibetans Hope Obama Can Address Chinese Oppression


    by NTDTelevision

    On Tuesday night, the results of the US presidential election were announced, declaring another term for President Barack Obama.

    While many in the US were happy about the election results, they weren't the only ones.

    The spokesman for the exiled Tibetan Parliament says he thinks the election results are a good omen for the Tibetans living under Chinese rule.

    [Penpa Tsering, Tibetan Parliament Speaker]:
    "We know President Obama's position on China but now that he already was in the office for the last four years it would, I am sure, contribute towards strengthening America's position inside China or on China. And with the change of leadership in China also the U.S. government has been very supportive for the Tibetan issue for long time and in President Obama's second term we really hope that he will be more stronger, considering the gravity of situation inside Tibet. Sixty-three people have already self-immolated and 52 have already succumbed to the injuries."

    A Tibetan youth activist also believes that Obama's election will be good for the US and the world.

    [Lobsang, Tibetan Youth Activist]:
    "Majority of the Tibetans are very happy because he is good for the world. He is from the liberal party and he talks about reducing war and bringing back American soldiers from the war areas where America is involved and he is also talking about bringing America's economy step by step level and bringing more jobs, these are all very good."

    The Obama administration has continually promised to promote dialogue between the Chinese regime and Tibetan leaders. While the administration sees Tibet as part of China, it does advocate for preserving Tibet's cultural and religious heritage.

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