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    Escaped Turtle Found 50 Miles From Home

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    by Geo Beats

    An escaped turtle is discovered 50 miles away from its home.

    We are told that all turtles are slow.

    But one particular turtle from New Mexico may have just proved that wrong.

    The African spurred turtle escaped from its home and incredibly was found 50 miles away.

    When animal control picked up the turtle, they called the nearby zoo and learned that a turtle had been reported missing in the area.

    The African spurred turtles come from the Sahara region of Africa. They are the third largest tortoise species with Galapagos turtle being the largest.

    They eat plants and fruits and generally have a good temperament, as a result of which they are the most popular pet types among turtles in the world.

    This particular turtle weighs 35-pounds and was found while crossing the road by a golf course. And since then is happily reunited with the owner.

    It's still a mystery how the turtle reached 50 miles away from home. Perhaps a bigger mystery maybe how it escaped from home.

    What's your theory?