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    Ever Wanted To Run Away And Join The Circus? Now You Can


    by IBTimes


    Located in Queens, New York , Circus Warehouse is a training facility specially designed for students interested in the Circus arts. The classes offered range from beginners’ courses to a professional curriculum which, according to co-founder Suzi Winson, is a blend of traditional and modern circus training.

    “People used to come from circus families, but that’s not really an option anymore. Our students are handmade. We help them develop acts and then find jobs and work.”

    As is with many artistic endeavors, ends are hard to make meet, but Winson says that it’s her and her partners’ love of the art that drives them to keep the warehouse going.

    “I know the hard luck art causes. There’s not a gold mine in this.”

    She has managed, however, to put together an impressive roster of trainers including Miguel Caceres, founder of the 1982 Ringling Brother’s act ‘The Flying Caceres’.

    “I’ve been a performer for 47 years doing flying trapeze, different things in the circus and theaters, for everybody,” he told us.

    As for what he looks for in a flyer he said, “My style, the way I teach is from the beginning I start with style, showmanship and beauty in the air and also strength to make them fly in an easy way that doesn’t look like it’s hard to do. But it’s hard work, it is.”

    He also told us that he believes that everybody can fly, a sentiment echoed by Ari Klein, an advanced Circus Warehouse student.

    “Anyone can come and try. We have young people… there’s people even in this class who are just starting to find it and really love it and they’re older than what people would consider the average age of somebody who would work out. It’s something for everyone.”