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    Ran Sieradzki

    by Ran Sieradzki

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    Loneliness. The lonely character, sitting on a floating island gets his fantasy triggered by a falling feather. His fantasy starts naive and nice but shortly gets too much and the character wants out. Just like in real life, things might get out of hand or unplanned and we find our security in what is familiar to us. Our safe spot. Our love.

    Story - Eyal Shirazi, Ran Sieradzki, Asaf Yeger
    Director - Ran Sieradzki
    Compositing - Eyal Shirazi
    Lighting/Shading - Eran Ashraf, Rami Stainer, Avi Ben-Avraham
    Rendering - Eran Ashraf, Avi Ben-Avraham
    Modeling/Rigging - Moshe Bitan, Ran Sieradzki, Mark Serdtse
    Animation - Ran Sieradzki
    Art - Talya Fewkes, Alex Kizin, Ran Sieradzki
    Music - Tomer Biran
    Vocals - Anat Ben Hemo
    Lyrics - Yael Heim

    Thank you, Israel Assif, FOR EVERYTHING.

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    © Ran Sieradzki 2012