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    Kartavyarayuni Katha - Part 8 - NTR & Savitri


    by RajshriTelugu

    Kartavyarayuni Katha - Part 8 - Producer : , Director : Ramanna, Cast : N.t.Rama Rao, Ramana Reddy, Mukkamala, Padmanabham, Balakrishna, K.V.S.Sharma, Rajnal, Savitri, Kannamba, Girija, E.V.Saroja, Baby Jyothi, Mohan, Music Director : G.Ramanathan, G.Ashwathama. Synopsis : The movie opens with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi spending a good time with each other. At that time Lord Shiva goes to satisfy his devotees wishes. In his absence, Parvathy's maid try to create misunderstanding between Parvathy and Lord Shiva. Due to which, Parvathy doubts Lord Shiva. But when she come sto know that she has misunderstood Lord Shiva she regrets it. As a punishment Lord Shiva tells her to build a garden. Parvathy does so and also appoints Kartavyaraya (N.T.R) as a gate keeper. One day some angels comes to that garden to spend some time. Along with enjoying the nature they were destroying the trees. Kartavyaraya comes to warn them but then starts misbehaving with them. Lord Shiva comes to know about it and he punishes him to lead a human life on earth and also he punishes Goddess Parvathy to lead a human life as a mother seperated from his son, for supporting him. When Parvathy comes to earth with Kartavyaraya she couldn't understand how to earn food for her son. At that time, some village ladies comes to her and requests her to give away the child to them so that they can bring him up along with teaching him all the skills. After many years, when Kartavyaraya attains his young age, the villag epeople tell him about his real parents. How did Kartavyaraya react to it and what happened next forms the rest of the story. Check out the classic movie Kartavyarayuni Katha.
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