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    Preying Bird Rips Out Dog's Tongue


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    A preying bird rips out a dog's tongue during an attack.

    47-year-old Ian from Dundee, Scotland has to choose whether or not to euthanize his 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Ollie after a hawk attacked the dog.

    Ian had taken Ollie for an afternoon stroll when the large bird went straight for the dog.

    Ian tried to get the hawk off, but its beak was in the dog’s mouth and Ollie was covered in blood. The hawk’s owner was able to separate the two creatures, but Ollie’s tongue had been ripped out during the attack.

    The dog had oral surgery but he won’t be the same. Ollie may have to be bottle fed for the rest of his life. Earlier this year, another hideous incident involved a canine as a victim.

    21-year-old, Matthew Will had to yank his black Labrador named Fly out of the water, after a seal reportedly flung the dog around and pulled it underwater.

    Fly had to be euthanized following the attack due to severe injuries including the loss of an eye, crushed back legs and a caved-in rib cage.