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    Breaching Whale Lands on Boat

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    A breaching whale lands on a boat, injuring three men.

    The dangers of the sea are very well documented. But one recent report revealed a bizarre threat for those who choose to navigate the waters.

    Three men were injured after a breaching whale leapt from underneath the water and landed on top of their boat.

    The men stated that they were slowly trolling approximately half a mile away from the shore in South Africa, when the whale breached and crashed on their boat, pushing it and all three occupants underwater.

    Officials used flares to rescue the men near Port Elizabeth.

    The boat’s skipper survived the ordeal with only minor injuries, however a 41-year-old passenger was left in serious condition.

    Several years ago, a similar incident occurred.

    In 2010, a couple had been whale watching from a sailboat in Cape Town, South Africa, when they got a closer view than expected. The pair had been watching the large creature from a distance but it kept surfacing closer to their boat.

    Then the whale came crashing down on the deck and slid right back into the water. Thankfully, no one was hurt.