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    Alleged Rapist Leaves Phone Number With Victim


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    An alleged rapists jots down his name and number for his second victim.

    In a recent report, an alleged rapist is now off the streets thanks to his own crucial mistake. Police arrested the man, from Washington D.C. following two alleged attacks.

    The suspect reportedly wrote down his name and phone number for the second victim, right after the violent attack. 19-year-old, DeMarco Myles allegedly assaulted the woman in her dorm room at Howard University.

    According to police, the note he left read “Since you don’t know me, here’s my number”, but he had unsuccessfully attempted to cross out the digits. The still-readable phone number was able to be traced, which is what led to his arrest.

    A police official states “Had we not located him, it is our belief that he would have continued to attack women.” Myles isn’t the only criminal to leave behind a major piece of evidence.

    Earlier this year, an Ohio man, Rodney Peterson robbed a gas station. He reportedly used a broken bottle as a weapon, stole money from the cash register and fled the scene. However, Peterson left his photo identification card on the counter.