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    SWAT Team Called for Homeowner Eviction

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    A SWAT team is called to assist in a homeowner eviction.

    Scenic Idaho Springs, Colorado is probably the one of the last places you would expect to find a SWAT team sent to evict a 63 year old woman from her home, but that is exactly what happened to Sahara Donahue.

    According to sources, Donahue sought out the help of The Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition, a division of the Occupy Denver group, which rallied around two dozen members to protest around Donahue’s house on the day of her eviction due to foreclosure.

    So, why the SWAT team?

    Captain Bruce Snelling of the local sheriff’s department explains that a few hours prior to the eviction his office got word that one of the protestors allegedly had a concealed hand gun.

    He admits that, "Usually an eviction doesn't call for a tactical team,” but the Captain wasn’t going to take any chances.
    After a search of the protesters and vehicles, it was discovered that one individual had brought a BB gun to the demonstration.

    Although two protesters were detained and later released, there were no arrests and Donahue was removed from the property and is now residing with friends.

    Do you think the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Department went too far or were correct to send in a SWAT team?