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    Classic Game Room - XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown review.
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    Classic Game Room reviews XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN for PC from 2K Games and Firaxis (also available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 PS3). Turn based tactical combat against aliens is so super rad your head will explode!!! Turn based strategy combined with excellent cut scenes puts you in the front lines of the war against alien invaders. Manage your base, build satellites and jets, earn cash through protecting countries that you carelessly spend on recruits who get themselves offed in combat. Oh, don't forget to research weapon technology and build lots of laser guns and armor! XCOM Enemy Unknown is a tactical strategy game fan's dream come true with challenging, exciting gameplay and brilliant action scenes that prevent it from getting dull. Highly recommended, this version of the game was downloaded from Steam. It even has multiplayer! CGR XCOM Enemy Unknown video review has Xcom gameplay.