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    World Reacts To Obama Victory


    by NTDTelevision

    Reactions to Obama's victory from Britain, France, India and Tibet.

    The U.S. presidential election was closely watched around the world.

    In London, people hurrying to work were generally supportive of Barack Obama, but cautious as to the road ahead.

    [Daniel Sinott]:
    "Very pleased that Obama won. I think he will find it very difficult in his second term, but I think it's certainly good news for America and good news for the rest of the world."

    Britain enjoys a close relationship with the U.S., and some believe four more years of Obama will provide the stability, to help steer through tough economic times.

    [Julia Luff]:
    "Stability is helpful. I think there was a feeling in Britain that in fact we were behind Barack but it is very difficult times economically and I think those sorts of predictions are really difficult to make."

    In India, people on the streets cheered Obama's win.

    During the president's first term in office relations between the world's two oldest and largest democracies improved significantly.

    The former vice chancellor of Delhi University adds that Obama's multi-racial heritage is positive for the world.

    [Deepak Pental, Delhi University, Former Vice Chancellor]:
    "He inherited bad economy, and I think under the given circumstances, he has done well. He also is half Afro (SIC), so, it is good for the world that a person with that kind of background is President of the United States."

    The speaker for the Tibetan Parliament in-exile hopes President Obama will now be in a better position to take a stronger stance against China.

    [Penpa Tsering, Tibetan Parliament In-Exile, Speaker]:
    "We know President Obama's position on China but now that he already was in the office for the last four years, it would, I am sure contribute towards strengthening America's position inside China or on China. And with the change of leadership in China also the US government has been very supportive for the Tibetan issue for long time and in President Obama's second term we really hope that he will be more stronger, considering the gravity of situation inside Tibet, 63 people have already self immolated and 52 have already succumbed to the injuries."

    This French newspaper simply ran the headline "Yes".

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