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    Zoo Welcomes Baby Asian Elephant After Security Camera Captures Birth


    by IBTimes

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    A zoo in the Netherlands is proud to welcome a cute baby Asian elephant whose birth had been captured by security cameras.

    The yet unnamed male elephant was born on November 1 at 5 am.

    Visitors must be silent as they observe the baby who is constantly protected by his mother.

    A curator at the animal park says the birth was quick.

    "It went very well actually. It was a very short period in which the birth happened. We were here, sleeping, and at the moment we saw something was happening. Within a minute or so the calf was there. After that it's always a very exciting moment, because you want to see how the mother behaves and the big sister, Kina, but they were doing perfect. Mother was doing very well by protecting the calf from the big sister and everything went very well," he said.

    Security camera footage shows the mother elephant, Indra, dropping to the ground before rising again and revealing the new-born baby.

    This new birth has helped the entire herd to feel more like a family, which is how elephants would behave in the wild, he added.