Manny Albam - It's De-Lovely

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I found this old LP in a long forgotten box. I thought it was lost forever. I Bought it in my youth (only 15). My friends were digging Elvis, while I dug Jazz.About this tune:IT’S DE-LOVELY; Solo scoreboard; Kamuca and Holman alternate 8, 4, 2 and 1 bar solos and finally come together. Edison has 12 bars, Candoli 8; and then they play 2 and 1 bar exchanges, and come together. Mariano (Baritone) and Williamson alternate 4, 2, 1 bar solos and come together. Mitchell, Geller, Levy have solos before Manne and the ensemble engage in alternate 2 bar exchanges that lead to close.
Por Erlendur "Eddie" Svavarsson hace 2 años