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    Knocking on heavens door

    carl trevor jones

    by carl trevor jones

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    Eric Oppen
    Hassel's novels aren't too historically accurate, and this film wasn't too close an adaptation...but it was fun.
    By Eric Oppen7 years ago
    carl trevor jones
    the movie is called WHEELS OF TERROR
    By carl trevor jones7 years ago
    enfin l'original ! merci!
    By colgate0968 years ago
    carl trevor jones
    that is so true theres good and bad on all sides from the actual books sven hassel he was a normal soldier with with normal mates same as any other army not all germans was nazis
    By carl trevor jones8 years ago
    excellent really brings the horrors of war home they are all someons son and duaghters
    By reichman399 years ago