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    The Sinking of the Concordia

    Shimon Haber

    by Shimon Haber

    Working as a reporter for Guardian for Shimon Haber brings quite a lot of benefits. Magazine’s reporter who mainly writes movie reviews of the upcoming films posted another video review that will probably put him in a big role and give him place among the best critics today. Shimon’s latest video report about the sinking of Concordia has been catching quite fame from the visitors.The video channel Shimon Haber - YouTube where it’s been uploaded is crowded with many subscribers and has become one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Just sign in and you’ll be able to see all the recommendation about his videos, playlists, channels and the discussion about Shimon Haber.
    Next to being active on YouTube, Haber is also columnist for TV Times magazine and spends his free time writing his latest novel about the English and American Literature.