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Healthy Eating: Can You Eat Too Much Healthy Food (Organic Super Foods)

5 years ago141 views

Last week, a friend was telling me that he’d eaten a huge serving of a delicious end-of-the-summer watermelon the evening before. Afterwards, he got to thinking – did he aoverdo it? Can you, in fact, eat too much of what’s good for you?

I get asked this a lot, particularly when it comes to fruit. Depending on what it is you’re concerned about, the answer could be yes or no. If you’re worried about eating “too much sugar” from fruit, then I’d say the concern is unwarranted. Yes, fruit is sweet from the natural sugar it contains, but it’s also packaged up with vitamins, minerals, fiber and a host of healthy phytonutrients that act as antioxidants. And, you’re probably not getting nearly as much sugar as you think – you’d need to eat a quarter of a large watermelon to match the sugar in a medium-sized soft drink. That’s a lot of melon.

If you’re worried that you might ‘overdo’ a particular vitamin or mineral, you can rest easy, too. We’re designed to take in a wide range of foods – so, as long as your diet is well-rounded and includes a variety of whole foods, you’d be hard-pressed to take in too much of any one vitamin or mineral. You just wouldn’t be able to eat enough food in order to do that.