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    British Invaded Entire World Except 22 Countries

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    The British have invaded the entire world with the exception of 22 countries.

    All but 22 countries in the world have been invaded by Britain at some point in their history.

    That works out to an average of almost 9 out of ten countries on the planet, according to a new book entitled All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To, written by Stuart Laycock.

    The author wrote the book by researching not only British history, but also taking each country in the world in alphabetical order, and digging through their history to come up with some facts.

    His criteria for an invasion include any military or armed presence in the country that was supported by the government of the UK.

    Of the countries that haven’t been invaded, some are far away from the shores of Britain like The Marshall Islands and Guatemala, and some are as close as Luxembourg and Sweden.

    Are you from a country that was invaded by Britain?