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    Man Secretly Films Rommates, Claims He Was Monitoring Water Usage

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    A man admits in court to secretly filming roommates, but cites a very bizarre reason as to why he did it.

    Having a roommate is a tradeoff but two females in Dubai got a lot more than what they bargained for.

    They were quite surprised to realize that their male flat mate had been secretly filming them while they showered.

    According to the court report, one of the residents, a 32-year-old Filipina noticed a circular cut in the ceiling of her bathroom and called the other female flat mate into the room.

    Together, the two women prodded and pushed on the ceiling to reveal a hole, containing a camera.

    They removed the memory card and watched on a laptop as they appeared naked on screen. The footage also revealed the camera’s installer: their 40-year-old male roommate.

    After getting arrested, he told the judge he had installed the camera to monitor the women’s water consumption.

    In a similar incident, a female worker at a hog farm in Nicollet County, Minnesota discovered a camera tucked away in the women's shower. The woman showed the camera to her boss, who contacted police.

    Another employee at the farm, 53-year-old William Craig Rolloff was charged after he reportedly admitted to secretly filming three different women.