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    Tina Turner Songs Used at Airport to Scare Birds Off

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    An airport is playing Tina Turner songs to ward off birds.

    The airport at Gloucestershire Airport in England has a problem and it looks like the award winning singer, Tina Turner, is the one to solve it….with her music, that is.

    The problem? Birds. Thousands of them. Operation teams at the airport estimate that around 20,000 gulls fly through the Severn Valley on a daily basis.

    In order to try and rid the birds at the airport, officials have tried a few tactics, including using fireworks, swinging trash bags in the air and imitating bird distress calls to frighten the birds. Head of Operations, Darren Lewington explained, “Normally we use the speakers on the top of the vehicle we use to drive around the airport to play bird distress calls. But when our bird distress noises weren't working properly, they turned the tape player on, and that day it was Tina Turner who scared the birds away.”

    The combination of birds and planes do not mix well and can cause a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

    In 2009, 1,093 birds were shot and killed at JFK Airport. For now, Gloucestershire Airport will keep on blasting Tina Turner.