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    Pre-K students rescue fallen baby bird


    by PetTube

    Today my Brooklyn, NY Pre-K students found a nest on the playground where the
    trees/weeds had recently been pruned. Not long after, my co-teacher found the
    baby bird. We placed the bird back in the nest but had no way of putting the
    nest back. We brought the bird, in nest, up to our classroom where we kept it
    warm and safe. We read "Are You My Mother" by PD Eastmen and "Peep!". The
    kids were so excited and proud to be involved in this rescue. After school,
    when a rescuer couldn't come get the bird, I immediately brought the bird to
    another location where they could keep the bird warm and feed it formula via
    syringe. Here's the video of him eating, quite happily. Good job Pre-K 220.
    In this video, the people at Sean Casey Animal Rescue feed the bird a formula
    via syringe. Five days later, I've head that he is flourishing!