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    What Is Content Marketing? & Why Is It Important?

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    What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important?

    While there are many different levels of online marketing that exist on the Internet, from PPC campaigns, to search engine optimisation, to traditional marketing and advertising, content marketing is one that is becoming more applicable for businesses online.

    What is it?

    Content marketing is a technique of producing and suppling valuable content to engage a specific target audience with the goal of increasing profitable customer action.

    So basically, content marketing is conversing with your customers, without actively advertising your products. Instead of forcing sales promotions or services at your customers, your website is providing information that gives your clients the opportunity to become more well informed.

    The belief is that businesses that continually deliver valuable and ongoing information in the form of content marketing will be rewarded by loyal customers.

    What are its advantages over traditional marketing?

    Most customers have internally 'switched off' when it comes to the messages that traditional marketing sends. Digital recording allows viewers to fast-forward through television commercials, while online and print advertising is easy to avoid or ignore.

    Furthermore, many potential clients, particularly tech-savvy users, are becoming more and more jaded to traditional marketing, rending the selling message irrelevant. Content marketing provides a new platform for marketing for users like these.