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    Cee Lo Green sex scandal

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    Uh-oh, Cee Lo! The Voice judge has been accused of sexual assault. According to the victim, Cee Lo Green allegedly drugged her with ecstasy, then proceeded to take advantage of her and it's all on tape.

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    The LAPD are investigating a trendy downtown L.A. sushi restaurant where the woman and Cee Lo reportedly had a drink together. The woman claims she blacked out, and woke up naked in bed with Cee Lo. What fun!

    Cee Lo and his sources vehemently deny her claims, but the woman says she has his admission on tape. According to sources involved with the case, the woman went to the police, who suggested she conduct a "pretext call". The woman claims she baited Cee Lo during the "call" saying she knew he slipped something in her drink.

    Some parts of the story do not add up, though. First, you don't really blackout when taking ecstasy, you get pretty messed up, but you don't black out. Or at least, that's what our drug "experts" tell us. Also, if the reported admission-on-tape truly exists, why hasn't he been arrested already? The only part that is truly believable, is Cee Lo would have to drug a date to get some action.

    Who do you think is telling the truth?