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    Chicken Piano Lessons


    by PetTube

    Yes, that's a real chicken really playing Ode to Joy (with prompting). The
    chicken's name is Fuzzy. I created this video as a cute, fun video to promote
    chicken intelligence. The full version of the video will be up soon. Please
    see my other Chicken Piano and Training videos and read the info below them
    to find out more. Please subscribe!! I have taught all of my pet chickens how
    to do unique things in exchange for a treat. No, my chickens can't play
    complex compositions, but they really can play simple patterns of music, with
    a little bit of prompting. This vid is a parody of my pet chickens but also
    shows that a chicken really CAN play the piano, and not just randomly peck at
    the keys :) :D My chickens are the only chickens on the internet and possibly
    the world who can actually play the keyboard--all other chickens just
    randomly peck at the keys.
    I got the idea to make a piano "commercial" for them after I already taught
    them how to play the keyboard. The electronic music being played in the
    background on my Casio keyboard is Hungarian Dances No. 5 by Johannes Brahms.
    There are about one hundred songs that are stored and played automatically on
    it. I am a pianist myself.
    The video was edited using Windows Movie Maker.