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    Halo 4 Raptor Armor Skin DLC - Xbox 360


    by Paovmiem


    Today with this Video Tutorial will show you how to get Halo 4 Raptor Armor Skin DLC free on your Xbox 360 Game. This is your opportunity to get downloadable content for your copy of Halo 4 game on Xbox 360, So visit following web site for more information,

    Once you got your unlocking Halo 4 Raptor Armor Skin DLC code, visit your game marketplace and redeem it. Next you will able to get full unlock and play Halo 4 Raptor Armor Skin DLC on the game. Any more questions please pm me or reply in the video. Thank you guys.

    Ensure you receive this rare Halo 4 DLC armor set today by downloading the customizable "Raptor" armor skin DLC Key! Suit up in Halo Infinity Multiplayer competitive and cooperative matches with the customizable "Raptor" armor skin. The colors of the armor skin can be customized to fit your personality.