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    BMX BANDITS - Listen To Some Music

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    Directed by Chris Croft (
    Taken from ER-1170 BMX BANDITS "BMX Bandits In Space" LP/CD

    Numbered and Limited Edition: LP [500 copies, Transparent Vinyl] CD Digipak [2000 copies] **The vinyl format includes a free digital MP3 download [320 kbps]

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    Makeup: Michelle Lawrenson (

    Thanks to all who helped with the production of this video, especially Jason at SWG3 (

    LYRICS: "Listen To Some Music"
    You'll never get to Heaven if you break my heart is an underrated song
    But pay attention to Hal and Burt's advice and I know you won't go wrong
    Being mean and cruel's a sin and if you lie you won't get in
    Sitting comfortably, then let's begin

    Listen to some music and the wisdom deep within
    It could change your life, so let our song begin

    God only knows what I'd be without you, Brian and Tony know how I feel
    They helped me figure out what I was thinking and in song they made it real
    And if you ever need a friend just play that song once again
    It is the one on which you can depend

    Listen to some music and the wisdom deep within
    A song could change your life and be a real good friend

    All night long you can play it again and again
    It'll never let you down, quit on you or coldly walk away

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