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    Kittens rescued-Chanel 10 News covered it.


    by PetTube

    March 27, 2012- Four kittens were rescued today in Vista, CA. They are two
    days old born to a feral mama who we've been unable to trap to get her
    spayed. She has had multiple litters and we were unable to get her while she
    was still pregnant this time. This morning we got there at 5am and followed
    her. She went into this bush under the 'stuff' to feed her babies. We did try
    getting mama with her babies but she fled. :( We unstacked the pile and four
    amazing little babies were there. What an experience.....we are thankful and
    blessed to have been part of this all, and will continue to do what we can to
    make a difference in these cats/kittens lives. Thank you for viewing, and
    please check out our facebook page, Spay & Neuter Vista/Oceanside.
    Updated-After one year of trying to trap the mama we finally got her. What a
    better life she'll have, she is our big baby maker and we couldn't be
    happier. She is officially spayed. But as one last surprise to us she had
    another litter of babies.