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    The Fabulous Miss Wendy Profile Part 1

    Dominic Ace

    by Dominic Ace

    On the heels of the release of her new cd, “No One Can Stop Me”, The Fabulous Miss Wendy recently sat down for an exclusive extended interview with the EMMREPORT. Part 1 is below, Over the course of our 75 minute discussion, no subject was off limits, and the Fabulous Miss Wendy speaks very candidly about everything from growing up a Valley Girl in Southern California, how she became a guitar player, her first bands, making out with girls during live performances, and her new CD, “No one Can Stop Me” available on her website:, follow her Facebook: and on twitter@TheFabMissWendy. Part one include clips from her performance at the Girls and Corpses Party, her animated music video with Girls and Corpses Magazine and more.