Mega - Storm, Hurricane Sandy

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Awarded Creative Art Award 11-06-12

2012 marks it's spot in history with yet another powerful storm and not over just yet. Makes me wonder what is to come this winter ? Well I hope everyone is safe and this video is dedicated to ALL victims of Hurricane Sand. Deaths and families and those who have to start over and rebuild and so on. My thoughts really do go out to you and your families as well. Although the storm did not get as bad as they thought in my area ,it did put on quit a show as you will see in this video and it was a very long lived storm here in my are as it took 9 days and 10 nights to ease through here as she took her time. This storm is a new breed of storm and I think we will be seeing more and more of them as goes on. The Earth is changing and either we change with her or she will run you down. Also I have to say it is not all global warming as they say. These things were foretold in another book as well and no one is saying it because they scared of offending someone. Well I will say it and do not care if it does offend or not because it is the truth. We are in the last days the bible foretold and that is what's happening and will continue to happen until Gods plan is fulfilled ! like it or lump it that is what is going on and as you can see my God is an awesome God. Follow the sky and you will see him return one day soon ! Thanks for watching and see you on this new storm later this week as I am ready for it and waiting.