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    10 Amazing Facts About Our World - Part 4

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    by Geo Beats

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    Learn 10 amazing facts about our world in this fourth edition video.

    Here are 10 fun facts about the world:

    Number 10 - Spider silk is five times stronger than steel. It can also be stretched significantly without breaking and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40 degree Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius.

    Number 9 - McDonald's has 2.2 million employees worldwide - that number being larger than the population of some countries such as Luxembourg and Iceland.

    Number 8 - In humans, yawning can start in the womb - as early as 20 weeks after conception.

    Number 7 - According to a UK study, approximately 40% of the moms don't wash their hands after changing their children’s diapers.

    Number 6 - On average, it takes about 0.3 seconds to blink an eye.

    Number 5 - Dogs are a thousand times more sensitive to smell than humans.

    Number 4 - Though they are small, each human foot contains twenty-eight bones, which are instrumental in walking, running, dancing, and stretching. On the foot's surface, there are a quarter of a million sweat glands, which can account for the occasional case of stinky feet.

    Number 3 - The slowest mammal in the world is the three-toed sloth. It moves at the speed of 0.15 miles an hour.

    Number 2 - The first toothbrushes with bristles were created in China in 1498. Interestingly, they were made from wood and pig hair.

    Number 1 – Did you know that the shape of our hair follicles influences the shape of our hair? Round hair follicles leads to straight hair whereas oval follicles results in curly hair.