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    One of the World's Deadliest City for Birds

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    Learn why this city is among the deadliest for birds.

    Migratory birds in Canada face a deadly obstacle: Toronto’s glass sky scrapers.

    Toronto was built along the flight path of many migratory bird routes, and holds the first tall buildings that are a danger to the birds when they are flying from the wilderness of northern Canada to the south.

    The glass windows on the buildings reflect the sky and nearby trees, so birds can’t tell that the buildings are an obstacle.

    They fly right into it them and most are killed by the impact.

    An estimate by a group known as the Fatal Light Awareness Program, or FLAP, says that annually, one to nine million birds are killed by flying into the buildings in Toronto, Canada.

    There are preventative measures for the safety of the birds.

    A German and American company have partnered to produce a glass window product called Ornilux that uses a ‘patterned UV reflective coating’ that birds are able to see but are invisible to the human eye.

    How do you think these birds can be protected against skyscrapers?