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    Malnourished Dog Discovered With Rusted Can on Neck

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    In a case a possible animal cruelty, a dog is discovered with a rusted coffee can over her neck.

    Dallas investigators are looking into a possible case of animal cruelty. Recently, a malnourished female dog was found with a rusted, metal coffee can around her neck.

    The dog originally named Java but now called Olivia, was taken to Dallas Animal Services and officials looked her over and concluded that the can must have been around her neck for at least a month. The can was removed, but it revealed cuts and lacerations underneath.

    Olivia was taken to an animal hospital where she was operated on, cleaned and bandaged. Animal services staff is hoping Olivia will make a full recovery so she can finally have a shot at a good life with new owners.

    Earlier this year, another dog found in Texas was found roaming the streets with a large jar on his head. The dog, named Pappy was 25 pounds underweight and rescuers took him to the vet.

    Pappy also had bite marks on him and his paw had been cut. Animals officials believe he was used as bait in a dog fighting ring.