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    Nine New Species of Tarantulas Discovered in Brazil

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    by Geo Beats

    Nine new species of a tree-dwelling tarantula have surfaced in Brazil.

    Anyone that has a serious fear of spiders may want to stay out of Brazil. Recently, new species have been discovered in the central and eastern parts of the country.

    Nine species of tree dwelling tarantulas have been found. They are all different breeds of arboreal tarantulas, which are said to be endangered. A Brazilian tarantula expert states “Only a single species had been known to live exclusively inside these plants, and now we have another that specialized in bromeliads as well.”

    Arboreal tarantulas are usually light in weight with long legs to make it easier for them to climb. There were formally seven known varieties of the tarantula in the region with the newest finding bringing the count to 16.

    Researchers were surprised by the new discoveries, making conservation studies a priority as the newly discovered species are very colorful and capture by humans is a big threat. Recently, a scientist from a German institute discovered a spider -like creature similar to a 'grand daddy long legs'.

    The unnamed creepy crawler has a leg span of approximately 13 inches.