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    Extraordinary Birth Stories During Hurricane Sandy

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Remarkable stories of how babies were born during Hurricane Sandy.

    Imagine the anxiety of couples who were expecting a baby during Hurricane Sandy. A New Jersey woman, 34-year-old, Christine Schleppy was 35 weeks pregnant on Monday when she began experiencing contractions.

    Her husband called 911, but maneuvering through flooded areas proved difficult and the ambulance eventually became stuck in the mud. The family was moved to a fire department issued SUV and they were taken to a mobile truck which was set up by the hospital to serve as shelter during the storm.

    Medical staff from the mobile truck had set up in a church gymnasium next door due to the high winds, and helped Christine welcome a 5 pound baby into the world.

    Another woman in New York City encountered a nightmarish birth during Hurricane Sandy.

    Once the new mom began experiencing contractions, she was taken to the hospital.

    Without any power, medical personnel administered an epidural using a flashlight and security staff used a sled to carry her down eight flights of stairs. She was taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai hospital, where her baby was born less than an hour later.