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    PETA Wants Memorial Sign for Dead Fish

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    by Geo Beats

    PETA is pushing for a memorial sign to be put up in remembrance of fish that died in a traffic accident.

    There are many memorials on the side of the road dedicated to lives that were lost during tragic car accidents. However, those signs usually pertain to humans.

    PETA is now pushing to have a memorial put up for fish. A woman from Irvine has written a letter to city officials, asking on the behalf of the group to install a sign as a memorial to hundreds of fish that were killed. A vehicular crash occurred earlier in October when a big rig truck carrying 1,600 pounds of live fish and several tanks of oxygen collided with two other vehicles.

    In the letter, the woman stated “although such signs are traditionally reserved for human fatalities, I hope you’ll make an exception because of the enormous suffering involved in this case.”

    A City spokesperson claims that there are no plans to erect a fish memorial. In the past, PETA has tried to memorialize cows killed in traffic accidents and pigs that were killed in Virginia. Thus far, no animal memorials have been approved.

    Should such memorials be setup?