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    What Happened to New York Rats During Hurriane Sandy

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    We take at look at what happened to the infamous New York City rats during Hurricane Sandy.

    Subway systems in New York City were shut down by hurricane Sandy.

    Seven subway tunnels flooded from the rain and storm damage.

    Where did all the rats go?

    New Yorkers may have feared that they would be facing a mass exodus of the pestilent vermin.

    The rodents can survive up to four days by floating on the water or swimming, but experts say that much of the rat population that was living in the tunnels under New York City likely drowned.

    Infant rats would have died unless their mother moved them to a safe place, and other rats are no match for the flood currents.

    They would be swept away, and are too weak to reach the surface in time to survive.

    There are an estimated 70 million rats that populate New York City.

    Although rats are mostly seen as disease carrying and bottom feeding, a Hindu temple in India venerates the 20 thousand rats that live there, as a tribute to one of the Goddesses.