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    Dead Sea is Gradually Dying

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    New reports suggest the current state of the Dead Sea.

    The water in the Dead Sea is evaporating and being drained by industries in Israel and Jordan, which both share borders with the inland lake.

    The water levels have decreased at a record 1 and a half meters over the past year.

    Water diversion from the Jordan River that flows into the Dead Seas has also led to decreased water levels.

    There are possible plans to pump water over 110 miles from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, to keep its levels higher, but initial research reports are saying that mixing the water could pose risks.

    The water would have desalination brine added to it to, and the plan could cost up to 10 billion dollars.

    The Dead Sea is one of Israel’s most popular tourist destinations with 8 hundred fifty seven thousand people visiting last year.

    Israel Chemicals Limited and Jordan based Arab Potash Company, both fertilizer materials manufacturers, are reportedly responsible for approximately half of the dramatic water level drop.