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    City Offers Residents 1 Free Phone for 60 Rats Captured

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    A city in South Africa offers residents a free phone in exchange for capturing 60 rats.

    The South African township of Alexandra is being overrun by rats.

    The former hometown of Nelson Mandela, has turned into an overcrowded neighborhood with crumbling buildings, raw sewage and piles of rotting food spread throughout. This type of environment is an ideal breeding ground for thousands of rats to thrive.

    In order to help solve the infestation, the City gave out 100 cages to Alexandra’s residents as part of a campaign to clean up the area. Working in partnership with Lifeline, a local volunteer group, and a cell phone company, the campaign awarded a free cell phone to every resident that caught and trapped 60 rats.

    Since the start of the program, close to 4,000 rodents have been captured. One Alexandra resident, who has already been awarded two phones, says, "It's easy, you put your leftover food inside and the rats climb in."

    Once people trap the rats, they hand them over to the City where they will then be fumigated.

    Prior to this program, the town has also attempted to rid the rats by placing live owls in and around a few schools.

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